Micro Loop Hair Extensions are one of the latest innovations of hair extensions, they are easy to use without the need for any heat, glue or plaits. Micro Ring hair extensions (also known as micro bead or micro loop extensions) are like pre-bonded hair extensions, but on loop/bead, again they are great if you're looking for a more permanent option to lengthen your hair and increase thickness. These work with a small loop at the top of each strand of hair, that tightens on to your own natural hair. Our micro loop extensions are made from luxurious 100% Remy human hair and come in different colours. Tiny, silicone lined aluminum rings hold the extensions securely in place, without the need for any harsh glues, pain or chemicals. Our top quality human hair extensions can be straightened, washed, curled and styled however you desire. These last 3-4 months with regular maintenance, and can be applied to hair as short as 4 inches.


Josie's Hair
Half HeadFrom £200
Full HeadFrom £300
Hair extensions cut, trim or style£30
Hair extensions wash, cut, trim or style£35
Free one month maintenace thereafter £4.00 per strand or £2.00 if you bring the strands that come off your extensions.
Half Head£70.00
Full Head£100

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