Our hair care and styling range is Moroccanoil, a revolutionary styling, finishing and conditioning product that instantly absorbing. Moroccanoil Oil Treatment helps to eliminate frizz, easily detangling your locks and providing long-term conditioning for added bounce.. Moroccanoil Oil Treatment helps to soften thick and unmanageable hair, build flexible strength and restore shine and softness to dull, damaged hair, and it also protects against environmental damage, thanks to the pure argan oil formula. Moroccanoils can also be use on hair extensions. The unique quality of instant absorption allows it to impart instant shine without leaving an oily residue.

For Hair Extensions: Use it to help detangle hair, wig and hair extensions. We sell Maroccanoil products, so you can continue using this great range of hair care products at home.


Hair Dressing
Cut style and refresh£25
Condition treatment and cut£30
Regrowth & conditioning treatment£45
Cut, colour and finish£50
Dry cut/trim£12
Wet cut/trim£15
Shampoo and blow dry£15
Wash, blow dry and set£20
Wigs cut/restyle£25
Hair extensions cut, trim or style£20
Partial foils£20
Single foilsfrom £4 EACH
T Section foils£35 - £40
Full head colour foilsfrom £60
Bleach and tonerfrom £40
Full head colourfrom £45
Cap highlights low lights£30
Full head tint£35
Crazy colourfrom £20
Semi permanent colourfrom £30
Curl volume bodyfrom £40 - £60
Spiral permingfrom £90
Hair straightening by quotation
Hair upfrom £15
Man re-style£8
Shampoo, blow dry and cut£20
Boys 5 - 15 Yrs
Shampoo, blow dry and cut£15
Girls 5 - 15 Yrs
Shampoo, blow dry and set£18

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